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Four Paw Savings

Year Round Protection from Fleas

keep your pets healthy with pet health products

The summer is a great time to go outdoors, enjoy family barbeques, trips to the beach or the lake and evening walks. However, summer can be hazardous to your dog … Read More

Coping With the Loss of a Pet

Anyone who has a pet can relate to the grief that comes with losing your pet. Whether you have spent a few years or many years with your beloved pet, intense grief is a normal, natural part of your loss. Here are some tips to help you cope with difficult decisions and grief after the … Read More

Black Cats and Screams in the Night

Max the dog

Cell phone in my pocket, dog on leash and off we go. Leaving the house to walk Max is always an adventure. I have this vision of walking peacefully and being able to get … Read More

Blog Updates

Blogging was good until God, oh, I mean Google changed the rules. The new rules of Google state that blogs must be mobile friendly. This change took place in mid-April and I’m still not mobile friendly. But be assured even if … Read More

Getting Another Dog

Rest in Peace, TashaApril, 2004-August 2014

Do you ever wish that you could have one more day with your dog that has passed? And you rationalize that even one hour with your dog would be wonderful and … Read More

Dog Park Do’s and Don’t’s

Dog Park

Everybody loves a trip to the dog park. A successful outing to those energy-filled canine carnivals is a great way to get rid of Fido’s excess energy and meet new friends, and human counterparts can meet people … Read More


Night falls on the land

A vast silence filled the air

broken by the howl


Howling wolf


Gardening with Dogs – The Painters Canvas

painting a landscape

Some people can draw and paint with a skill that I will never posses. A number of my family members can easily transform the blank canvas into a beautiful picture and we’re not talking paint by … Read More

Gardening with Dogs – Digging Holes

Spencer (2002 – 2012)

There are many times when all of a sudden I will miss Spencer. The other day, digging a hole to plant purple and yellow Lantana, I called out to the spirit of Spencer,

“I sure could … Read More

Container Gardening and Water Gardens

Container Gardening

After Christmas while everyone else was shopping for deals on wrapping paper and next years presents, I tucked myself away in a used book store and browsed for the garden books. I came across the books … Read More

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