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Special Treatment

From the voice of Spencer

After mom fed us tonight she brushed Tasha and I and oh boy! does Tasha ever have a lot of hair. She’s shedding like it’s going out of style and it’s all over the yard in clumps. She could give fur coats to all those bald dogs. Mom brushed Tashsa … Read More

Let Me In

from the voice of Sassy


I’m meowing out here, but I can’t get in. I can hear you through the window typing away, but you won’t get up and answer the door and that darn dog Tash is barking and growling at me. I really don’t want to squeeze under the screen door … Read More

We Vow

from the voices of Tasha and Spencer

We Vow

to lick the moisturizer off your face to jump all over you in greeting to shed all over your pants to keep intruders away from you to always wag our tails when you talk to us to forever be loyal

and to clean our bowls … Read More

Here Birdy Birdy!

From the voice of Sassy

If that very irritating bird divebombs me one more time he is going to meet his end. That bird has been in the front yard for a week now and every time I venture outside he starts squaking and trying to chase me. Yesterday, he was so brave he even … Read More

Mother’s Day

From the voice of Tasha

Mom and Dad left for the day again and they’re not back yet to feed us and the sun went down a while ago. I hope they get back soon, cause I’m really hungry and it’s so hard to wait and wait before they feed us. Last night, they had … Read More

I can’t get any sleep

From the voice of Sassy

“Hey, you’re in my chair again” said mom as she pushed me out of the chair that is her favorite spot at the table. I just wanted to lay there and feel like I was close to her, but fine I’ll lay on the floor beside her chair. … Read More

No Respect

from the voice of Sassy

Tell me, what good is mom’s lap if I can’t sit in it? I’m the princess kitty around here and I always used to sit in moms lap as soon as she sat down in her chair and then something really strange happened. She bought this machine that now sits … Read More

My Hiding Spot

from the voice of Sassy

It’s late at night and I’m hiding on mom’s chair that she sits in at the dining room table. I’m being really quiet because if she discovers me then I’ll be put in the garage for the night where I normally sleep. I don’t want to sleep in the garage … Read More

My Hole in the Ground

from the voice of Tasha

It was really cool today, no matter where I layed in the yard there was a breeze blowing and this heavy black coat of mine didn’t absorb any sun. I don’t know how Spencer does it laying in the sun all morning and never being bothered by the heat, but … Read More