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Stupid Human Tricks

From the voice of Tasha

Hey! there’s stupid guy who lives two houses away. Amazing, he didn’t park in front of the house tonight. He owns seven cars and doesn’t have room to park all of them at his house. So for months now he’s been parking in front of the other neighbor’s houses. Mom … Read More

A to Z in a Dog’s Life

A is for afternoons, sleeping in the shade under a tree.

B is for bones, big ones, small ones, rawhide flavored, beef flavored.

C is for comfort in life. My favorite bed to sleep on, my toy and food.

D is for digging. Digging holes big enough (the size of bathtubs) so I can escape … Read More

I hate water!

from the voice of Spencer

Last week I had to go near water. I hate water! I drink it, but other than that I don’t want anything to do with it. If it rains I’ll stay in the doghouse. I try not to leave even to poop or bark, but once in awhile the condition … Read More

Let me out of here!

Tasha behind the gate

(Tasha, the black dog in the center is dreaming of ways to get the cat and trying to involve Spencer, the yellow dog at right)

From the voice of Tasha

Come on mom, open the gate and I could … Read More