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Air-Conditioning Blues

“Hey Spencer!” said Tasha.

“What?”replied Spencer, opening an eye from his sleeping position in the dog house.

“Look what they’ve done with the new air conditioning system. They raised it even higher off the ground. I bet you can’t jump on it anymore” teased Tasha. “Hah! no more standing and sleeping on the machine and … Read More

You’ve Got Mail!

from the voice of Sassy the cat

I’m a preferred customer at the local grocery store and I have never set a paw inside of one. Yet, they really must like me because they mailed me a sample of the latest Sheba premium cuts cat food. The sample can I got was Tuna Fillet & … Read More

Bill requiring Californians to spay or neuter pets gets clipped

from the voice of the author

A bill that would require Californians to spay or neuter their pets or face stiff fines was withdrawn due to lack of votes and opposition from pet lovers throughout the state.

Currently, there are some measures in place now to help reduce the number of animals killed … Read More

Excavate – Spencer’s favorite word

Excavate – make a hole; uncover by digging.

Sentence – Spring has arrived when Spencer starts to excavate the dirt and trees.

“Spencer, you’re making dirt fly all over the place. Please stop that digging?” pleaded Tasha.

“Be quiet, you’ll thank me later. I’m digging the hole so you can lay in it and … Read More

I hear dead people!

from the voice of Sassy the cat

My entire day was disrupted by noise and strangers coming and going. They were working in my house and my garage and if they didn’t make the biggest racket I have ever heard, it was enough to wake the dead. To make the day even worse I didn’t … Read More

I Kicked His Ass

from the voice of Sassy the cat

Just call me tough kitty. That male cat won’t be messing with me again. If he thought he was going to get the better of me, he had another thing coming. His ass was mine as soon as he started down the walkway towards the front porch. I … Read More

Tasha turns 21 – in dog years

from the voice of Tasha

Woo Hoo! it’s my third birthday today. I’m of legal age, definitely time for partying and drinking.

Oh! wait. I’m a dog. That rule doesn’t work for me. Never mind, I’ll go back to the doghouse now.

Well, happy partying if someone reading this is 21 today.

Drink responsibly.

Where’s the Beef?

From the voice of Spencer

Hey, mom! I’m craving one of those big ham bones that Tasha and I got last Thanksgiving. I think mom put us on a diet, I mean what’s with this dry dog food crap she’s feeding us, it’s like eating cereal? Up until this week we used to eat cans … Read More

Road Trip – Sequoia

From the voice of Tasha

You wouldn’t belive what time we got fed one nightlast weekend. I was beginning to think that we were never going to be fed. It was close to midnight When Theresa came home from work and fed us. Mom left for the weekend with the rest of the family. They … Read More