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The Other Spencer


(from the voice of Spencer)

Mom found me another pal on-line, his name is also Spencer. He is a 9 year old Golden Retriever and was trained to be in movies, but was interested in getting attention from everyone on the set so he had an early … Read More

Puppy Love!

(from Spencer)

Amber, the love of my life!

My heart is going pitter patter and the reason is this pretty girl. Her name is Amber and she just might be the love of my … Read More

My New Pal – Amber

(from Spencer)

I found a new pal Amber. She’s a female yellow Labrador Retriever and she gets to guard 10 acres of forest on her human mom’s property. She’s even been known to face a bear or even a rabbit to protect her home. Oooh! the only thing I get to chase down is possums. … Read More

Open, Open, Open

sassythecat2.jpg(from Sassy the cat)

I know it opens, I walk through the open door all the time. Somehow these humans of mine get that door to open, I just wish I knew how they did it. Maybe, if I sit here and stare at the door it will open. Oh! … Read More

Birthday Bash


(from Spencer)

Cake and ice cream, party hats and stremers, if you ask me this birthday stuff is overrated. Mom says I’m 5 today. Woo Hoo! but, that doesn’t mean there’s time for cake and ice cream. I still have a yard to guard and I take that very … Read More

Summertime Dangers for Dogs

Temperature rising in the hot sun

It’s such a common sight to see a dog inside a car in a parking lot. Maybe, he’s barking a warning to stay … Read More

More Trouble for Trouble, the Millionaire Mutt


(From Sassy the cat)

It seems no one wants this troublesome millionaire mutt that belonged to Leona Helmsley, “The Queen of Mean.” Helmsley’s 80 year old brother doesn’t want the trouble of taking care of Trouble. The housekeeper who has been bitten a few times during … Read More

Millionaire Mutt


(from Sassy the cat)

The only time I wish I were a dog is when that dog owners leaves it millions of dollars in their will. Can you believe it? Leona Helmsley leaves 12 million dollars to her little mutt and it will be pampered for the … Read More