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It’s a Mouse, It’s a Bone, No, it’s a Blogger Award




(from the voice of Spencer & Tasha)

Hey Spencer! Look at what mom got. It’s an award for blogging, it’s called Bloggers of the Year Award said Tasha. It was given to us by 4urpets.

So, what are supposed to do with that button on the screen? Can I chew on it, I could use a good bone about now groaned Spencer.

No, Spencer it’s just going to sit off to the side of the blog, it’s for all mom’s hard work on this blog.

But, she doesn’t do much except play around and she writes about us so she can get rich and famous.

Oh! Shut up Spencer you just don’t understand us girls. We like shiny objects. So be nice and enjoy the award.

Fine, but I still could use a bone.

We’re going to pass this award on to some of our friends;

San Diego Dog

K9 Management

Notes From A Country Groomer


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