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Dog for Sale on e-bay

(from the voice of Sassy)

I got even for those dogs barking at me, I had a friend over and we got into some trouble on the computer.

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Return to normal Monday!

(from the voice of Sassy)

It’s Monday morning, yeah! The family returned to their normal schedule today and I get the entire house to myself all day.

Stop Barking!

(from the voice of Spencer)

He who barks the longest gets yelled at first.

Mom says stop barking Spencer, but how can I tell her that I hear a noise and I’m protecting the perimeter of our house.

Sassy aka Rambo Kitty

from the voice of Sassy the Cat

from the voice of Sassy the Cat

I am strong kitty, I show no mercy. Come near my porch and I’ll show you whose the boss. A male cat came on my porch last night … Read More

Freedom from the Yard, Priceless!

(from the voice of Tasha)

We got to go for a walk last night and it felt really good to get out of the house. But Spencer, he’s such an old fart, instead of walking … Read More