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Guess who came back?






(from the voice of Sassy the cat)

That darn bird from last year is back and everytime I go out the front door he dive bombs for me and I have yet to catch him. He must be protecting another nest again and sits on the roof of the houses and watches for trouble.

One of these days he’ll be sorry and I won’t have to eat cat food for dinner.

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1 comment to Guess who came back?

  • Wow – I have a similar problem here in Cleveland, Sassy. I often get divebombed by pissed off birds because I eat their children when my Mother is watching. I follow them and wait very patiently for the right moment. As soon as one falls from the nest on his first fly he goes straight into my mouth.

    Don’t worry Sassy. You will catch that darn bird. Just stalk him.


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