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Silence is Golden Even to a Cat


It’s been an awfully long week. My humans are still been hanging around this place and they never leave. These vacations they take seem endless. Thank goodness they all go back to school and work on Monday. At least, … Read More

The Body Snatcher


from the voice of Sassy the cat

My humans brought in this great big machine and they walk and run on … Read More

Christmas Traditions – Trees, Lights and Decorations


From the voice of Sassy

Just when I try to figure these humans out they go and change things on … Read More

Kindness Tuesday

sassythecat22Mom woke me from a deep sleep and said I have to be kind today, because it’s Kindness Tuesday. Well, who cares what day of the week it is. I swear these humans coming … Read More

Social Networking, It’s Not For All

sassyfrom the voice of Sassy

Male cats, oh! they’re yucky. Tonight, I was in the garage resting after my dinner and I could hear them outside fighting each other. They sounded like babies crying, and sick cows moaning. Who, they were moaning and … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions – A Chance to Love Some More


From the voice of Tasha

I love New Years and the … Read More

New Year Resolutions – Old Habits are Hard to Break


From the voice of Sassy the cat

These … Read More

Ding Dong The Wicked Cat Is Gone


(From the voice of Tasha)

Change is good and I like change. Mom always says if she didn’t … Read More

Merry Meow-mas and Happy Bark-lidays

spencershyFrom the animals here at Dogs Rule Cats Drool, Tasha and Spencer the dogs and oh yeah, that darn housecat, Sassy, we wish you many happy things in 2009. We hope that you will … Read More