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Bonding with Animals – A Precious Relationship Part 3

Dear Reader,

Today is Part 3 of My Relationship with my Pets at Long Relationships.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like without dogs and I can’t. Oh, my yard would have a few more trees and be minus a few big holes that Spencer has dug. There would be … Read More

Cat Love – Sassy the Cat, My Constant Companion


(by Rebecca) You never know much your heart can expand to love another animal until the need arises. When my cat, Sassy entered my … Read More

Spencer and Me, My Faithful Companion

I was offered a great opportunity to guest post at Long Relationship about the relationships with my pets. Today’s guest post is about Spencer and Me, My Faithful Companion.

When I bought a dog after buying a house, I naturally assumed that I could get a loving dog that would sit at my … Read More

To Be or Not To Be a Bratty Kitty

Sassy the Cat

Sassy the Cat

(from the voice of Sassy the cat)

Mom says I’ve been a terrible brat last week and I should behave myself. Gee! I don’t think I’ve … Read More

Vote for Sassy the Cat to be California’s First Kitty

From the voice of Sassy the Cat

By now everyone knows that the first family of the United States – the President’s family- got their treasured dog. What’s wrong with these humans? Why didn’t they pick a cat? Why didn’t … Read More

Spencer the Dog Steals the Spotlight


(from the voice of Spencer the dog)


(from the … Read More