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Super Bowl 2012 Commercials Have Gone to the Dogs

Even if you are not a fan of football, it is still fun to watch the commercials. Super Bowl 46, is this Sunday, February 5, but the commercials seem to have gone to the dogs.


Controversy Over Dog in Shoe Ad

San … Read More

Dog Book Club Features – New Tricks by David Rosenfelt

Book Title: New Tricks

Author: David Rosenfelt

Hardcover: 320 pages and also e-book format

Genre: Legal Thriller

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (August 6, 2009)

Language: English

Order at Amazon

Authors Website: Read More

Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things about Sassy the Cat

For those of you who haven’t visited the blog EVER, we’ll you’ve been missing out on me. Here are Thirteen Things all about me, Sassy the cat, so read carefully.

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Wordless Wednesday – Stop SOPA Now

SOPA is dangerous. It will take us back to the dark ages. The internet as we know it will cease to exist. Stop SOPA now or the animals voices that you enjoy on this blog could be in danger of being silenced.


Puppy on Board – Is There a New Puppy for Princess Kate

Princess Kate of Great Britain recently celebrated her 30th birthday. Rumor has it that Prince William might have given her a puppy as a gift.

Photographed here in this article is an adorable black … Read More

Featured Book of the Week 1.14.12 – Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Racing in the Rain

Garth Stein presents this wonderful book for young readers, adapted from the adult version, of Racing in the Rain; My Live as a Dog. Told from the dog’s point of view. If you … Read More

Most Popular Dog and Cat Names of 2011

How does one name a dog or cat? The list of names to choose for your pet can fill pages and pages. Do you pick a name because of preference, the way it sounds, likability to something else or is it just something made … Read More

Dogs News 1.12.12 – Rescues, New Ventures, and All in a Day’s Work

Rescued Dog Repays a Man’s Kindness

A rescued dog repays the favor by rescuing

an elderly man from a house fire

A New Police Dog

I guess one could say the economy is getting … Read More

Wordless Wednesday – Love the New Rug

Oh! the dogs Spencer and Tasha wish they could sit on Sassy the cat.

The Adventures of Sassy, Spencer and Tasha – The Best Christmas Ever

This is a story written by my eleven year old daughter. She didn’t like the fact that the dogs are enemies of the cat on this blog so she is writing stories of the dogs and cat as friends and having adventures together. Enjoy!

The Best Christmas Ever by Jamie Camarena

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