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Postcards To Kittyland – Remembering Your Cat

Jekyll Says Book Cover


Children’s author D.C. Blackbird, author of Jekyll says. . . Good Deeds Cats Do, That You Should, Too! is launching an exciting new book project called … Read More

Dogs News – Out of Touch Politicans and Mothers

Dog News on this blog, usually, allows for news of the canine kind, however, today it refers to stupid humans and the slanderous and sometimes humorous situations that they find for themselves.

Let’s Go … Read More

In the Event of Your Passing Away

I read this serious article, asking the question; In the event of your passing away tomorrow, what would happen to your dogs? I had to laugh though, because my first thought was for the cat and that the dogs would probably eat her if I wasn’t there to keep watch over her. Rest in Peace, … Read More

Tasha the Dog Wins a Giveaway at Tillman Skates Blog

Tasha the Dog



Tasha the Dog won a giveaway at Tillman Skates Blog. She won for herself and Spencer the dog, 30 pounds of … Read More

Dog News – Crimes and Injuries Involving Dogs

In National news, more and more disturbing stories are concerning injuries and thefts of dogs. Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, but in our fast-paced life’s, it seems as if there are … Read More

There Will Always be the Dog Whisperer and Joe Cool

From the Voice of Tasha the Dog

Mom likes to watch the “TV” show, The Dog Whisperer and often remarks, “Where was this … Read More

Jennifer Aniston Adopts a Dog

Long after her former television show Friends ended, Jennifer Aniston still graces the cover of every tabloid magazine. With every issue she is either adopting a baby, finding a new beau or having twins … Read More

Feeding Your Pet – Purina Dog and Cat Coupons 2.16.12

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

Feeding your pet(s) can be very expensive, so I consider it a great find when I can save a few pennies or even … Read More

Puppy Love Valentine’s Giveaway

Puppy Love Giveaway


Dogs Rule Cats Drool is celebrating Valentine’s Day the best way we know how with a giveaway that definitely goes to the dogs. Three people who … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day Mom from the Dogs Tasha and Spencer

Sassy the Cat Doesn't Do Valentine's Day