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Doggies Unlimited – Good Nutrition for the Health and Well Being of Your Pet


Today, our guest blogger, Lori Naipo, creator and founder of Doggies Unlimited shares her crusade to protect her beloved dog Toby after he ate recalled dog food. From her efforts to protect Toby, she hopes to keep all other pets safe from the dangers of mass produced dog food.

Toby the Dog

Toby the Dog’s Antics

Rebecca: Will you give us a little background on some of Toby Dog’s antics, the dog for which this creative effort got started?

Lori: During the cooking/baking process, I always have to stay home because Toby liked to steal food.  His first theft was taking the homemade jerky, all six pans off the dehydrator. Lasagna was the next thing that went missing when I stepped away from the kitchen.  I had my father put child locks on the pantry doors, and he sat and watched and it wasn’t long before he was able to pop the locks open. Needless, to say that I had to put all his favorite snacks, licorice, peanut butter and jerky all on top of the refrigerator, out of his reach. Dogs are really so funny and sneaky, it is incredible how smart they are when searching for something.


A Healthy Lifestyle

Rebecca:  You motto is “Isn’t Your Pet Worth It” and how you were looking for a healthy lifestyle for you and Toby? Will you explain how you got started?

Lori:  One day I decided it was time to start looking at a healthier life for my Golden Retriever, playfully called Toby Dog and myself. I found myself in Pet Stores looking at different food and ingredients that were being used in pet foods and treats.  After researching each of the ingredients and doing a lot of reading on pet nutrition, I was shocked to see what was being used in the different brands of pet foods and treats for our beloved four legged family members.  Watching the food recalls some years ago, I discovered that my Vet had advised me to feed my Golden one of the top five products on the recall list, which resulted in my loving dog having many health problems.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Rebecca:  Necessity can be the mother of invention, most times. How did your homemade products become Doggies Unlimited?

Lori:  I started making him, his own fresh jerky as he loved my people jerky, which I needed to make with healthy ingredients and then organic biscuits.  He loved them and as I tested other Dog Bakery biscuits to see if he liked them, he always walked away from them and ate mine instead.  After giving them to friends and family and their dogs who loved them, they all suggested I start selling them online.

Made in the USA

Rebecca:  With so much being made today of the fact that America’s jobs have left our shores, how is your company helping keep jobs in the U.S.

Lori:  Doggies Unlimited, only offers Made in the USA pet products that are safe for our pets.  It took me many years to find pet food, additional treats, shampoo, supplements etc. that I could feel good about offering on my site and that are manufactured in the states.  I am one of those that do not believe in importing any people or pet foods as we do not know exactly what is in it and so far has only ended up where we find out later that it ends up on a recall.  We have lost so many pets because food, as well as, toys that are still being recalled when imported from other countries?

Life’s Abundance Pet Foods, Treats, Supplements

Rebecca: I understand that you represent a pet food line that offers Holistic Veterinarian formulated pet foods, treats and supplements.  Can you tell us what those are?

Lori:  I am now selling Life’s Abundance Pet Foods, Treats, Supplements etc and it is made in Florida. It is made in small batches and delivered to your door within 4 to 6 weeks, so that it isn’t sitting or being transferred to numerous different warehouses.  Typical pet foods can be up to six years old by the time you purchase it in a store.  If your pet turns his nose at it and refuses to eat it, it is probably because it is rancid; they know when food is not good.

Life’s Abundance is formulated by a Holistic Veterinarian who protects and knows where every single ingredient is from and has a personal working relationship with every supplier to insure all of the finest ingredients are being used.

In comparison with other foods it may seem like Life’s Abundance products are a lot more expensive when it really isn’t.  You feed them less Life’s Abundance because it’s nutritional value is a 100 times better than any other food and it doesn’t contain any wheat, soy,corn, wheat gluten or corn gluten and no artificial flavors or colorings.

Website Offerings

Rebecca:  Can you tell us what you offer if someone is looking for a portion control amount for his or her pet?

Lori:  We offer a pet food feeding calculator for recommended feeding portions specific to your size dog. For example, if your dog is 10 to 20lbs. you only need to feed them 2/3 to 1 cup of Life’s Abundance daily. This will give them all the nutrition they need daily.

Thanks so much for being our guest today, Lori.

Thanks for having me Rebecca and I hope your readers will take advantage of the Valentine’s Day discount at Doggies Unlimited.

Doggies Unlimited Discount

All biscuits and jerky will be 15% through Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012.


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