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Postcards To Kittyland – Remembering Your Cat

Jekyll Says Book Cover


Children’s author D.C. Blackbird, author of Jekyll says. . . Good Deeds Cats Do, That You Should, Too! is launching an exciting new book project called POSTCARDS TO KITTYLAND. He wants to encourage anyone who has ever lost a beloved cat to write and tell them how you felt about your cat and your life together.

Write a story, poem, song, or whatever you wish, but please try to keep it to 250 words or less.

The blue-ribbon committee will choose a selection by June 1, 2012 for Volume 1 of the book series, which will be beautifully illustrated and designed.

Please send your story to and write POSTCARDS TO KITTYLAND in the Subject Line.

Remember to include a photo of your beautiful kitty!


About D.C. Blackbird

D.C. Blackbird is an American poet, songwriter, and author, along with being a world-renowned adventurer and traveler to places that stamp passports with bark and tree sap. In case you never heard, D.C. is one of the world’s greatest feather & leaf jugglers and has performed this great skill before Royal Courts throughout Europe as well as in diners throughout New Jersey between snacking on corn muffins.

You probably know that D.C. is the best-selling author of titles that include: Jekyll Says … (Good Deeds Cats Do, That You Should, To!), Jekyll Says More! (Lessons & Trends For Felines & Friends), and Dreaming of Kittyland, but there is more to this remarkable human being, so please don’t just judge D.C. by the pretty words.

Proceeds From Book Sales

Profits from the sale of Jekyll says. . . Good Deeds Cats Do, That You Should Too! Will benefit animal adoption, care, liberation, rescue and welfare organizations. If you know of any such organization that would like to sell this book as part of its fundraising efforts, please contact the publisher at

Tomorrow at Dogs Rule Cats Drool

Join us Wednesday, March 1, 2012 for the Book Review of Jekyll Says . . . Good Deeds Cats Do, That You Should, Too! D.C. Blackbird is currently on a virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book! Click the link to see his visits and book reviews.






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