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Blogging From A to Z Challenge – F

Having Fun While Training your Puppy

Pet owners seem to have a weakness for cute adorable puppies and we tend to over indulge those sweet faces with food and fun. We feed them treats, table scraps, and think they can do no wrong. However, giving puppies treats for no reason might not be best when you are working to set limits. Puppies need to learn boundaries and we can show them how much we care for them by training them on what they can and can’t do. One can still enjoy having fun with setting limits by using these simple training methods:

A dog must do something that is required of him before getting a treat. My own dogs have learned to sit before their food is put before them at feeding time. If you are trying to get your dog to sit, reward him only when he learns to sit.

Carry treats with you when walking your dog and teach him the commands for to walk, to heal, to stop, to sit: when he proves, that he knows each command reward him with a treat.

Teaching tricks – There is an assortment of tricks you can teach your dog; play dead, shake, lay down, say please by barking and much more. When he is able to do each trick then reward him with a treat.

Positive Behavior Reinforcement  – If your dog’s behavior is on the right track and he has not eaten your favorite shoes or muddied the carpet, feel free to reward for good behavior. Let him know that he is a good dog when he obeys on command.

Before you know it those puppy days will be over, but with consistent training and reinforcing your dog’s correct behavior, you will fondly remember those fun puppy days.

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