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The Morning Bark – Loyalty and Love

The Morning Bark

Spencer the dog would never admit it if he could talk, but he likes to keep an eye on me. Tasha the dog is always sitting in front of the patio door, but the minute she leaves it’s Spencer’s turn to walk by and look in the glass door. He does it in a way that you can’t really tell he’s looking. After all, he’s way too cool to be the dog that would be distressed if I wasn’t around. He walks across the patio and with a slight turn of his head, he looks in the door to see where I am, but keeps right on walking. What could be a better way to start your morning than knowing that your dogs love you.

What’s the number one thing you would do to show your dog that you loved them?


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1 comment to The Morning Bark – Loyalty and Love

  • The number one thing that I do is take her to the Vet’s office on a regular basis. I am into holisitic medicine, but know there is a time and a place for a visit to the Vet for checkups and advice. I love her and want her around for a long long time! The number two thing is give her lots of attention and play play play!!!!!

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