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The Morning Bark – Household Chemicals Can Cause Harm to Dogs

The Morning Bard

Household cleaners, aerosol cans, chemicals, bug killers and any product around the house or garage used incorrectly can be hazardous to your dog. Yesterday, in the news there was an article about a television show filming a realty tv show and during the filming the dog bit into an aerosol can and ignited a kitchen fire. Luckily, no one was hurt, but had that been a situation that wasn’t being monitored, the filming crew and the dog might not have been so lucky. For the safety of your pets, be they dogs or cats it is important to keep your cleaners and any toxic products up out of reach of your animals. It would be ideal if they were in a locked cabinet, as some dogs tend to find ways to get into everything. Think twice about the things that are around your house that could cause harm and play it safe where your animals are concerned.

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Dog Quotes

The DOG is the god of frolic.

Henry Ward Beecher

Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.

Franklin P. Jones

Dog Tips

During the hot weather days of summer the water in a dogs bowl that is placed outside can become very warm. To keep the water cool, rather than empty it and fill again with cold water, just add ice cubes.


Dogs in the News

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1 comment to The Morning Bark – Household Chemicals Can Cause Harm to Dogs

  • That is such good advice! My pets have a tendency to want to get into eveything. We have actually “baby-proofed” the house, by putting barrell bolt son the cabinets and cleaning off the bottom shelves of our book cases etc, of anything even remotely hazardous to our new dog, and have hidden the wires and cords to our electronics or else hung them up! Pets are such curious creatures and a big part of protecting them is avoiiding the problems to begin with.

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