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Spencer’s License – A Reason to Bark for Another Year

From the voice of Spencer the Dog


Hey! it’s me Spencer.  My dog license came to the house and now I’m licensed and legal for another year. Of course, that means I get to bark for another year, woof, woof, woof.  This is my 10th year being a licensed dog in the city of Los Angeles. Do you know that Los Angeles shelters take in close to a million animals annually and euthanize at least half of those due to not having enough people to adopt the dogs. Licenses currently run twenty dollars for a neutered dog and upwards of one hundred dollars for a non-neutered dog. You can help with the pet overpopulation by getting your dog fixed and by adopting a shelter dog. If that doesn’t convince you here’s a few reasons that will;


Adopt a pet from a shelter and save a live and your precious dog might even save you back.

Adopt a pet from a shelter and put the puppy mills right out of business.

Adopt a pet from a shelter and get a dog that will give you unconditional love for the rest of its life.

Adopt a pet from a shelter and help the City of Los Angeles pay its bills.

Adopt a pet from a shelter because you have a big heart and love animals.


Happy Barking!



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1 comment to Spencer’s License – A Reason to Bark for Another Year

  • I love what you said Spencer. I have adopted a shelter dog, her name is Shannon and she is my joy. I would encourage everyone to save a life and have a friend for life, that is just what happems when you adopt a pet from the shelter. I hope more and more people take your advice Spencer, you are a smart doggie!

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