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Lessons Learned from Walking the Dog – Finish What You Start

Tasha the Dog


Tasha the dog is a black pure-breed German Shepherd. She is the most loyal and loving dog, one could ask for. She loves going for walks and waits eagerly for the leash to be clipped to her collar and for me to open the front door. If ever there was a moment when she has a chance to pull my arm off, it is when she charges out the door with me in tow. For all of her excellent training and behavior waiting at the door is still not something she has learned. If I delay at all with getting ready, she barks to let me know that she is still waiting. With a busy family, our walks are more spur of the moment then a daily routine.

On the first part of our walk, Tasha is reactive to all the smells and barks of the neighborhood dogs. As we leave the neighborhood behind and approach the local farm and cemetery, we both begin to relax. Walking in the stillness of the night gives me a chance to reflect on the day’s events. She and I are creatures of habit and always walk the same way, the same distance and at the end of a mile, we turn around and walk home the same way we came. If I have had a busy day and I try to make the walk a little shorter she resists and looks at me as if to say, “this is not the end of the walk.”

Walking Tasha the Dog


Do we in our daily lives try to shortcut ourselves and not see things through to the end?  Do we leave things unfinished because we are not willing to put in the extra time and effort? Tasha reminds me that this is what we started and this is what we need to finish. She has a clear vision of what the end should be and how we get there. Tasha motivates me and makes it clear that with a little perseverance I too can put in the extra effort and finish what I started.




2 comments to Lessons Learned from Walking the Dog – Finish What You Start

  • I loved what you had to say in this post! My dog waits eagerly to go out I take her out as much as possible and she so enjoys it, she sniffs, she touches with her nose, her fur ,her tongue- everything she can. She teaches the art of enjoying every sensation. She comes back in and if the walk was not long enough, she races like the dickens around the house, barking , enjoying, completely free of restraint. Dogs teach us such important lessons don’t they?

  • Rebecca

    Thanks for your comment Carolyn. I truly believe that I am a better person having had dogs. There are so many lessons that they teach us and their unconditional love is just amazing.

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