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Ask the Vet – Dealing with Flies

Today is Ask the Vet and our first question deals with those summer fly’s that irritate all animals. Dr. Billi Tiner has some advice on how to conquer the fly situation and make your dog … Read More

Housetraining Your New Puppy

Labrador Puppy

These helpful tips were provided by

When you bring home your new puppy, you’ll undoubtedly be eager to get her housetrained. The process isn’t particularly complicated, … Read More

Exclusive Deals on Everything PET Related

If you are looking for the best deals and coupons on everything PET related then go to I just signed up and it has everything in one place and daily deals. There are national deals, … Read More

Show Your Puppy Love and Receive a Free Puppy Care e-book

Spencer as a puppy

When my family got Spencer the dog, oh, such a long time ago, to say we were clueless about raising a puppy was an understatement. I could … Read More

Introducing Our Resident Veterinarian Dr. Billi Tiner

Dr. Billi Tiner

Dogs Rule Cats Drool is proud to announce a new addition to our blog, our resident veterinarian and author Dr. Billi Tiner. … Read More

Happy Birthday Justin Silver Dog Guru

Happy Birthday Justin Silver

Justin Silver dog guru and star of the television show Dogs in the City is celebrating his birthday today, July 30th. The first season of Dogs in … Read More

Coming to Dogs Rule Cats Drool a Resident Veterinarian

Dr. Billi Tiner

Dogs Rule Cats Drool is pleased to announce our resident veterinarian to answer your dog and cat questions. Starting this week and … Read More

Bath Shampoo Giveaway for Your Dog

Dog Taking a Bath

Dogs Rule Cats Drool is having a fun interactive giveaway. Send us a picture of your dog in the bath and be entered to … Read More

Summer Saturday Book and Gift Bag of Toys Giveaway – The Fitzy Resolution and Gift Bag of Dog Toys

The Fitzy Resolution Giveaway

Dogs Rule Cats Drool is giving away the fiction book, The Fitzy Resolution by author A. D. DeSena and a small bag of … Read More

Dogs in the City – Season Finale – Discussion

Dogs in the City Television Show

Dogs in the City starring dog guru Justin Silver debuted on Wednesday, May 3 and the training sessions were exciting to watch. … Read More