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I really enjoy this holiday with all the fireworks and attractions at the local parks, although, the dogs Tasha and Spencer are in agony while these events go on. To make matters worse the surrounding neighbors shoot off all those fireworks that are illegal. This just adds to the noise and frustrate the dogs even more. Spencer will bark for hours without stopping. Long after the noise has stopped, he still continues to be agitated. Tasha never barks, but just jumps at the door and whines. You can tell she is clearly upset. The dogs are so worked up that they won’t touch their food until the early hours of the morning.

This is the only holiday of the year that when it’s over I’m glad that it’s only celebrated annually. At least, I know that the dogs will be at ease from the noise. I hope your dogs had an easier time than mine.

**Share with us your fireworks experience.


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