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Summer Traveling With Your Pet – Taking Your Pet on a Plane

Traveling with Your Pet

If you’re traveling this summer, why not take your pets with you? Many people don’t take their pets with them because they think it will be too difficult or costly. As long as you’re prepared and follow the correct steps that doesn’t have to be the case. You can take your furry pals with you pretty much anywhere so long as you’re prepared. Read on to find out how you can fly with your pet this summer.

Call the airline

The first step is always going to be a call to the airline. Each company has a slightly different set of rules and regulations when it comes to pets, so you need to get specific information beforehand. Airlines usually have thorough documentation that will give you all the information you need, but you still might have a few questions. You should do this step early so you have time to figure everything out in advance. If you’re overwhelmed with the requirements, you can always consider chartering a private flight.

Visit your vet

 You will likely need one kind of documentation or another from your vet before you can get on the plane. Make sure you know what’s necessary beforehand so they can get what you need quickly. It’s also a good idea to visit the vet to make sure your pet is healthy and ready to fly. The vet might also prescribe a sedative for your animal depending on its temperament and the situation.

Get an approved carrier

 Unless you’re flying privately, you’re going to need a carrier for your pet. The International Air Transport Association creates a list of approved carriers that is the industry standard. If you already have a carrier you should be able to check its documentation to find out if it is certified, and if you still can’t find the information then simply get in touch with the IATA. The right carrier will make sure your pet is safe and comfortable during the trip.

Do a test run

 Unless you have an airport, security checkpoint, and a plane at your disposal it’s going to be difficult to test everything out beforehand. You can still test things out a bit by making sure your pet is comfortable with the general situation. Let them sleep in the carrier a few times to get acclimated. Take them in the car so they know what it’s like being in a moving carrier. This is your time to find out what might upset your pet so you can avoid it those things the day of your flight. If the situation can’t be avoided, you’ll still have time to find a solution of one sort or another.

If you follow these tips then you and your pet will have a great time flying this summer!

Author’s bio: Logan is a dog lover and author who loves flying on air charters.


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