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Tips To Keeping Your Healthy Dog Treats Fresh and Longer Lasting

All dog lovers are eager for opportunities to spoil their precious pets. That’s why it’s so important to find healthy dog treats. When you do decide to give Fido a little morsel, you want to make sure that treat is as healthy as it is tasty.

If you’re seeking out healthy dog treats, make sure to check the nutrition info on the package before making your purchase or consider seeking out homemade, organic, or natural alternatives to store-bought treats. Avoiding high-calorie, fatty treats will help keep your dog in good physical condition, since obesity is a serious problem for pets these days. A nutritious treat will not only reward your dog for positive behavior but will contribute to his or her overall well-being.

Did you know that you can give your dog carrots as a treat? Most dogs love the way they crunch and are as happy to gnaw on a carrot as they are to gnaw on a piece of rawhide or a bone. You can also find plenty of recipes online for baking your own dog treats from natural or organic ingredients; chances are, your local pet store may even have cookie-cutter shapes that you can use to make homemade goodies that look like they came from a gourmet shop!

Of course, there are healthy store-bought treats as well. Take a few minutes to read over the FDA rules for pet food labeling so that the next time you’re out shopping for your pup, you can make an informed decision. And whether you buy or bake your treats, make sure to store them in air-tight containers to keep them fresh for a good long time. Remember, like humans, dogs should only have their version of “junk food” in moderation. As long as they’re stored properly, you should be able to keep a box of treats for a long time.

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