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Everybody Needs a Hero Dog – Vote for Your Favorite Dog

Hero Award

The term “Hero Dog” has now become a household name. Hero dogs are those that play an important role in our life. Maybe, it’s the Labrador that visits the retirement home bringing smiles to the resident’s faces, the Golden seeing-eye dog that safely gets the man across the street, or the German Shepherd that locates the missing child.

The American Humane Association is recognizing the important role dogs play in our everyday lives with the second annual Hero Dog Awards.

The dogs that are the finalists will just melt your heart. Just try voting for only one. The  eight dogs each in a different category are;

Tatiana II – hearing dog who saved her owner’s life alerting her parent’s of the girl asthma attack.

Daniel – An Emerging Hero Dog who survived the gas chamber at the animal shelter.

Soot – A Black Labrador looking regal in his red collar

Holly – A collie in the role of seizure alert service dog. Holly and her human have raised over $6,000 for charities.

Stella – a standard poodle who unconditionally loves everyone she meets.


Jynx – A German Shepherd in the line of law enforcement.

Tabitha – A German Shepherd Guide dog who is now retired, but comforted her human through losing her sight.

Daniel – a hero dog

Gabe – a military dog who while deployed to Iraq completed over 210 combat missions with 26 finds of explosives and weapons.

Read their bios and vote for them at

Vote once per day until Oct 5, 2012

Happy Voting!

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