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Dog Tips, Giveaways, Celebrity Birthday and More for the Week of August 13

Wow, the last few weeks at Dogs Rule Cats Drool have seen an increasing number of visitors and entries to the giveaways. Thanks to all those who have made this possible and congratulations to our many winners for participating.

Be sure to enter our current and coolest giveaway, Splish Splash, They Made Me Take a Bath. Just send me a picture of your dog getting a bath. Our sponsor for this giveaway, Doggies Unlimited will be giving away two bottles of shampoo to two lucky winners. There’s still time, but enter now as the contest ends this Friday, August 17. Our second giveaway is here,  Summer Saturday Book and Small Bag of Toys Giveaway – The Dogs of Bedlam Farm by Jon Katz.


This week our resident veterinarian, Dr. Billi Tiner is answering her second Q&A. Dr. Billi Tiner has written the children’s books, Welcome Home and Heart of a Hero. I have read both of them and enjoyed each one. This month I will be sharing my reviews. Her first Q&A answered Dealing With Flies. Be sure to leave your question for the vet and you will be entered to win at Ask the Vet. You will receive a small bag of dog toys if your question is answered.


It seems our most popular posts of recent have been those about Justin Silver, our dog advice, tips and training posts and our giveaways. Thanks to all those who left birthday wishes for   Justin Silver’s birthday on July 31 with cake. Since the first season of Dogs in the City ended in July, a number of readers have been looking for answers to their dog behavior issues. I have shared a video of Justin Silver giving dog advice to his viewers about some of their dog issues. For those who are raising puppies you might enjoy this FREE e-book, from Purina and House Training Your New Puppy being provided by

Look for our next giveaway coming this Friday. The dogs Tasha and Spencer and Sassy the cat thank all their fans for the extra attention.

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