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Tasha the Dog is Featured in the Naughty Dog Competition

Tasha the Naughty Dog

Vote for Tasha the Dog in the Naughty Dog Competition

The Naughty Dog Competition at Molly and Allies’ Blog is having people vote for the dog … Read More

Wordless Wednesday – Autumn is in the Air

Sassy the cat enjoys the cool morning air


Ask The Vet – How Do I Know if My Pet is Too Fat

Ask The Vet

We love our pets and want them to be happy, but sometimes, the love for our pets causes us to overfeed and indulge our pets with treats … Read More

New Book for Review: Real Dogs Don’t Whisper: Life Lessons Told By A Larger Than Life Dog (and his owner)

Real Dogs Don’t Whisper Book Tour

Author Kelly Preston will be on virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book with … Read More

Wordless Wednesday – Creatures in the Garden

Monarch Butterfly

While the dogs were asleep, laying in the light of the morning this is what they missed.

Sassy the Cat Refuses to Say It

The tagline of my blog reads; Join my doggie duo, Spencer and Tasha as they plot to get rid of Sassy the cat. That is putting it nicely, this … Read More

Caption This Photo of Sassy the Cat

Just what is Sassy the cat looking at, or thinking in this photo? Would enjoy reading your captions. Happy Thursday!

Wordless Wednesday – Would You Jump In and Help

Wordless Wednesday

Clearly, this is the conversation my dogs Spencer and Tasha would have in this situation.


Ask the Vet – Sudden Deaths in Dogs

Ask the Vet

Losing a pet is always sad, but when a dog dies a sudden death it leaves us feeling helpless. We ask ourselves what could have caused this. … Read More

Taking Your Pet on Vacation

Traveling with your Pet

Traveling with a pet can present problems. If they can’t be resolved, ‘house sitting’ could be the solution.

Vacation time is family … Read More