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Happy Birthday Wishes to a Special Boy

Woof, Woof, Meow! Join us as the dogs Tasha and Spencer and Sassy the cat wish my nephew Jake a Happy 11th Birthday! It’s super cool when your birthday falls in the season of Halloween. You get to celebrate with ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and things that go bump in the night. Okay, let’s eat cake … Read More

Looking into the Archives – Thirteen Things About Sassy the Cat

For those of you who haven’t visited the blog EVER, we’ll you’ve been missing out on me. Here are Thirteen Things all about me, Sassy the cat, so read carefully.

I like being the … Read More

Wordless Wednesday – Mom adopts plants and the yard next door

Sassy the Cat

Sassy the Cat here! Can you believe it? Mom is adopting plants. I just hope she doesn’t adopt another cat. The bank foreclosed on the house next door and they moved out about two weeks ago and … Read More

Wordless Wednesday – Take a Break Today

Sassy takes a break

Relax, you’re so uptight. Take a break, role in the dirt and enjoy life for a few minutes.



Looking into the Archives – Dogs and Cats Together into Eternity

Sassy the Cat

It is nearly impossible to get away from these dogs and now even in death I have to be buried with them. Oh! Eternity doesn’t … Read More

Looking into the Archives – Sassy the Cat Gets An Attitude Adjustment

Sassy the Cat

Mom said that I needed an attitude adjustment because I was becoming to sassy on this blog and she wanted me to be a nice … Read More

Looking into the Archives – Spencer the Dog Unleashes His Many Identities

It’s me Spencer and we need to talk. Mom puts in her two cents every once in awhile on this blog and sometimes I don’t … Read More

Mom Digs for Money

Tasha the Dog

Oh no! I saw mom digging. She was digging just like Spencer. She used a small shovel instead of two paws, but I’m afraid she’s gone to … Read More

Spencer Digs and Digs and Digs

Spencer the Dog

Guess what I did the other day, it was so much fun. Okay, okay, I’ll tell you. Mom was gardening and putting the dirt back in … Read More

Wordless Wednesday – Spencer Thanks All His Digging Buddies

It’s in here, I know it is.