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Wordless Wednesday – I am a Cat

Sassy the Cat sees things from a new viewpoint

I am Sassy the Cat and that affords me some great opportunities for all sorts of things, but it … Read More

Ask the Vet – Holiday Hazards and Foods That Can Harm Your Pet

Ask The Vet with Dr. Billi Tiner

So many of us enjoy celebrating the holiday season with our pets, but there are a number of potential hazards for pets this … Read More

Fetch Cyber Monday Deals on all Your Favorite Dog Treats, Toys and More

Doggyloot Shopping Deals

The only thing better than Cyber Friday is Cyber Monday and no shopping crowds. With Cyber Monday, you can shop from home and get all your holiday shopping … Read More

Looking into the Archives – Keeping Your Healthy Dog Treats Fresh and Longer Lasting

Dog Treats for Your Dog

All dog lovers are eager for opportunities to spoil their precious pets. That’s why it’s so important to find healthy dog treats. When you do decide … Read More

Tasha the Dog – A Working Dog At Heart

Tasha the Dog

Tasha is a working dog, a pure-breed German Shepherd, with a keen sense of intelligence. Like most dogs in America, she does not get many adventures. … Read More

Fetch Your Black Friday Deals at Doggyloot

Doggyloot Deals

Black Friday deals were everywhere today, including Doggyloot. The good news is that while the other shopping places only offer deals for a certain amount of hours, Doggyloot offers … Read More

Wordless Wednesday – The Doggie Duo Spencer and Tasha and Sassy the Cat Wish Mom a Happy Birthday

Today is mom’s birthday, she says she’s forever 29. Leave her a birthday wish in the comments if you like and read the birthday wishes from the doggie duo Spencer and Tasha and Sassy the cat.

Ask the Vet – Is Ringworm Caused By Worms

Ask the Vet Bi-weekly Column

You might have heard of that saying, “Caring is sharing” except in the case of when it’s your pet who shares the fungal infection, Ringworm … Read More

Special Needs Dogs and a Loving Home Make for a Positive Impact on Author Kelly Preston

Real Dogs Don’t Whisper Book Tour

Find out what first gave Kelly the impetus to open her home to an abused/challenged dog, … Read More