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Special Needs Dogs and a Loving Home Make for a Positive Impact on Author Kelly Preston

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Find out what first gave Kelly the impetus to open her home to an abused/challenged dog, and how this has made a positive impact on her own life?

One might ask; how on Earth did you arrive with four dogs having special needs and how have they affected your life?  First, I had no idea that four dogs with special needs would be entering my life; it was all by chance.  I did not go out looking for them or decided one day that I was going to rescue them.  It just happened; out of the blue.  They each came to me during random times; upon learning of their condition(s), I did not turn them away.  I knew in my heart that God had a plan for me, not sure what it was, just knew these four came into my life for a reason.

The impact they have made in my life has been insightful, astounding and humbling to say the least.  I often say, it wasn’t I that rescued them, it was them rescuing me.  See, I was heading down a negative path, they each gave me hope for tomorrow, a purpose; they gave me love and I learned along the way to love and open my heart. They came into my life in the purest form of love; they remind me that life is a gift and love is my most precious possession.

With them in my life, they have inspired me to raise awareness for special need pets; how they will enrich one’s life and provide priceless life lessons.


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It was at that very moment I realized Carla Mae was not just an angry, aggressive little cuss I taught to play and dance and cut loose. I saw Carla Mae for the first time as she really was—a scared puppy who learned to mistrust those around her and who learned self-preservation the only way she knew how—by biting first and asking questions later. She was a frightened little dog who eventually found a greater lesson in letting go and learning to laugh and play and yes, of course—dance. Carla Mae found unconditional love in our family and along the way, she learned to trust. Anyway, as for Dim-Bulb King, cooler heads prevailed that day and, lucky for him, his human finally dragged him away from us. But I sure learned something about my new sister that day.

Carla Mae turned out to be a competitive little tomboy and fair adversary. We love to play Kibble Attack—a game that involves her patiently planning preemptive Kibble invasions, only to be taken off guard by a MaGoo surprise maneuver, overrun and forever a close second only to me. She’s quite the copycat as well, often mimicking our moves. I’m not sure if she’s mocking us all, doing the “when in Rome thing”, or a little of both. What I do know is that I have learned to love Carla Mae and Carla Mae has learned to accept love and even try to nudge in on my petting time with the human and even with random human strangers in the house. She is loved and cared for and Carla Mae is no longer afraid… well, maybe a little afraid of King Crazy Dog, but who wouldn’t be? Other than me, of course.

About Kelly Preston

Author Kelly Preston and her dogs


Kelly Preston is, first and foremost, an animal lover. Raised on a ten-acre property in a small town in Pennsylvania, she grew up with horses, rabbits, and – of course – dogs. When she left home after college, she acquired Gizmo, an irresistible Lhasa Apso that started her on a journey full of joys and sorrows, hopes and tribulations, frustrations, endless lessons in patience, and above all else, love. All of this has come at the hands (more precisely the paws) of Gizmo, Betty Boop, Buffy, Carla Mae, and the inimitable Mr. MaGoo.

Mr. MaGoois a nine-year-old Lhasa Apso and the book’s co-creator and co-writer. He is, in his own words, “the alpha and omega of all dogs – in the cutest and sparkiest, most fun-loving package ever.” Ignoring Kelly’s persistent eye-rolling, Mr. MaGoo has forged ahead with this project in an attempt to, as he puts it, “present the facts from a dog’s perspective. In other words, the correct, most accurate, most interesting, only-one-that-matters perspective,” to which he adds, simply, “Woof!”

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