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Doggyloot Holiday Reminder

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Get the deals on dog supplies, treats, toys and more at Doggyloot.

Choose from Ham Bones, 12 inch Bully Sticks or … Read More

A Severely Injured Dog is Now Smiling

Can dogs smile? A severely injury dog who couldn’t open his mouth and was starving to death can now open his mouth thanks to a miraculous surgery. It even looks like he is smiling in the … Read More

Guide Cat Saves Dog and Brings Him a New Lease on Life

You are my furrever pal.

One might expect cats and dogs to not get along, but not this cat and dog. The dog is blind and the cat helps … Read More

Pete’s Sake – Personality of a Dog – Margaret Pearce

For Pete’s Sake

Our special guest author, Margaret Pearce shares with us the joys of having a variety of dogs each with their own unique personality. As she states, there … Read More

Ask the Vet: Should I have my pet spayed or neutered

Ask the Vet

As pet owners, we always want what is best for our pets and to provide them with happy and healthy lives. Are you aware that having your … Read More

Wordless Wednesday – Trouble at Every Turn

How long do you think I can stay out of trouble?

Sassy the cat

hours, day, an entire week?







5 Benefits of Dog Boarding Services

Dog Boarding Services

There is not always a completely perfect solution when it comes to leaving your four-legged best friend in the hands of someone else. Whether … Read More

Dog Care 101

Adoption is good!

Have you just adopted your first dog? You may have a few questions about how to care for your new canine.

First and foremost, remember that … Read More

FREE e-book Four Legged Frugality: The Pet Supplies Easy Savings Guide by Sarah Fuller

Four Legged Frugality

A special treat today, and this one is not for the pets; it’s for the pet owners. Get your free e-book Four Legged Frugality:The … Read More

Wordless Wednesday – Adopt a Pet

Adopt a pet from your local rescue or animal shelter location.

There are so many animals that need a loving, caring home.

Check out Best Friends Animal Society.


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