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Pete’s Sake – Personality of a Dog – Margaret Pearce

For Pete’s Sake

Our special guest author, Margaret Pearce shares with us the joys of having a variety of dogs each with their own unique personality. As she states, there was the guardian, the companion, the teacher, the comedian and the most mischievous, the vandal.

About Pete’s Sake

Simone has fallen in love, deeply and irretrievably, but not with a boy. The center of her life is a pup she has rescued from death row. Love has filled her life with problems. She has to talk her parents into letting her keep him. She has made rash promises on her heart, her life and her honor, anything to keep her pup.

Pups need to be fed. Pups dig holes, kill chooks, exercise their teeth on whatever is breakable, and howl all night because they are lonely. Simone puts up her age to get a job paying enough to support him. There are more problems keeping her new job secret from her parents and fighting with her best friend and being impressed by a romantic boyfriend who has not yet discovered she is fourteen to his nineteen years.

When disaster strikes, she finds that her best friend’s advice to tell the truth and shame the devil’ to her parents actually works. And the solid down to earth relationship with her gang of supportive friends is even more appreciated.

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Guest Post – What is the personality of your dog?

Buddhists believe that dogs have group souls and that when you lose a dog sooner or later you will see your dog’s soul shining out of another dog’s eyes.  This is not much comfort when you lose your closest and most uncritical best friend but it is all you have to hang onto apart from your memories.

A cavalcade of dogs has passed through my life and that of my family. The only thing they had in common was that they were all lovable and much loved. They did have different characteristics.

There was the guardian. This was a German Shepherd who impartially bit everyone but raised his upper lip in a nasty snarl if anyone got between him and the straying two year old he protected or the six year old he played with. Once the two year old dragged a bone from his mouth and he snapped at her hand, leaving only an unbroken dint as he took his bone back. He had the strength in his jaw to effortlessly cross a bone to powder.

There was the companion. His role was to always escort family.He wore his paws out trotting miles after the horse/trail rides during the horse stage.  He was always teetering on the top of the high back fence as he endeavoured to put his fat Boxer body over it to keep up with everyone. Being locked in the yard while family went out was not his scene. He always waited patiently at the bus stop for family to return at the end of the day, and got upset when he was escorted home from school every day.

There was the teacher. He taught us all to swim, so our first swimming stroke was the dog paddle. He worried about us flagging half way across the river, and always plunged in for his tail to be held as he towed us past the dangerously deep patch.

There was the comedian.   He knew when people were scared of him and ‘woofed’ at them with much threat, sniggering like mad as he returned back to his spot by the door. He co-existed peacefully with whatever pets were in the household and could be trusted with babies.  He never bit anything or anyone, but he loved pretending. The fearful ones should have spotted that wide sniggering grin widening his muzzle.

There was the vandal. I should admit that vandalism only occurred during the teen years, when hewas unnecessarily touchy about family going to places without him. Except it was no fun to come home and find the contents of bins strewn everywhere, and washing pulled off the line as he sat and glared at us with a ’serve you right’ expression on his face.

An endless stream of canines becamefamily members who were all loved and loved back unjudgementally and uncritically.

I think it is quite understandable that when anyone falls in love with a pup that they are prepared to do anything to protect and to  keep it.

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