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January Fades into February with Giveaways and Special Guests

January Roses in the Garden

It is the last day of January. Did anyone else feel that this month went by in the blink of an eye? While … Read More

January 29: National Seeing Eye Dog Day

National Seeing Eye Dog Day

The ability to see is a precious gift and yet many people are visually impaired or have lost their eyesight altogether, while others are born … Read More

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are Real Life Pals that Delighted Children in Therapy Program

Snoopy the dog

Unlike, the Peanuts cartoons where Snoopy the dog stayed behind when the Peanuts gang went off to school, this real life dog Snoopy went right into the classroom. … Read More

Help Wanted – Looking for Veterinarian to Write the Bi-Weekly Column Ask the Vet

Help Wanted

Dogs Rule Cats Drool is looking for a veterinarian to share their expertise about dogs and cats in the bi-weekly column, Ask the Vet. So many … Read More

Every Storm Runs out of Rain

sun peeking through the clouds

For me walking allows for freedom of thought, something that I need after being stuck in the house for a few days due to stormy … Read More

Celebrating the German Shepherd Dog with an iPhone 4/4S Case Giveaway

iPhone 4/4S Case

Devoted and very intelligent the German Shepherds are known for their superior work as a service and watch dog and family pet.

Dogs Rule Cats Drool is … Read More

Dog Video – Howling Dogs are Contagious

I never could record my dogs howling, (they always howl at the ambulances) but someone recorded their dogs. The noise these dogs made, had Sassy the cat looking around for the dogs. She was really scared. Okay, I admit that was an awful joke to play on the cat.

Does your dog howl?

Read More

Pet Injury and Illnesses – Finding Money When the Need Arises

Fido needs to get well fast

As pet owners, we have all heard about pet insurance and while it is not required like other types of insurance, it can … Read More

Daily Dog Video – Dog Steals Cabbage

I remember when my dog Tasha stole the chicken off the kitchen counter top. In this video the dog steals the cabbage of all things and although not quite as tasty as chicken he doesn’t stop until he got it; talk about patience. It looks like he could have used something to wash it … Read More

Meet Scout the Latest Stray Kitten to Enter the Yard

Scout is a four month old kitten

Meet Scout our latest stray cat. We haven’t officially adopted him, he’s just hanging our for awhile. The neighbor lady across … Read More