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Keeping Your Pets Healthy with Nutritious Food

Dog eating

As dog owners, we try to give our dogs every comfort we can. Owning a dog is a long-term responsibility and healthy dogs can live upwards of ten years. We want our dogs to live forever, but knowing that their life span will always be shorter than ours we want to give them the best. In providing for their needs, grooming, exercising and socializing we need to consider the importance of feeding them. Foods that provide proper nutrition can keep dogs from developing a variety of health problems. Here are some simple ways to ensure good feeding habits and that your dog lives a healthy and productive life.

Table Scraps – Some dog owners in trying to give their pets some variety in their diet are guilty of feeding them people food under the table; although, we tell ourselves that it just breaks our heart that the sweet little sad face begging at the table is starving. In reality, he is not starving, but he is tugging on your guilt emotions because you are eating and he is not. Feeding our dog from the table is a bad habit and a poor dietary choice.  People food has any number of preservatives, fats, starches, sugars and too much salt. A dog’s system is unable to process all these items and can cause a long road of health problems for your dog. Certain foods can be poisonous to your dog and without knowing what those would be, why would you want to take a chance and make your dog intentionally sick. Any good-hearted measure of feeding human food could end in a trip to the vet.

Feeding inappropriate age food – From puppies to senior dogs, dog food is specifically tailored for each age group.  Each age group food is enriched with the necessary vitamins and minerals that help to maintain an adequate weight and energy level. As a dog ages, their teeth may not be as strong and they need food that is easier to chew. Some vitamins also need to be higher in percentages than those a puppy requires. Titmuss JWB Dog Food covers all these age groups and provides a nutritious, good tasting meal that has all the essential nutrients for an active, healthy dog.

Today’s pet has a better chance of living a long and healthy life thanks to the enhanced dog foods that provide proper nutrition, necessary vitamins and minerals. The easy access of the internet means the information of how to care for our dog is right at our fingertips and makes it easier to care for them.  Providing our dogs with annual check-ups, grooming and daily exercise is our responsibility and one that should not be ignored. Feeding our pet table scraps and giving them poor dietary choices is no longer an option. Our dogs give us unconditional love and making sure that we provide them with all the variables for a long and healthy life should be our number one priority.

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