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Thankful Thursday – Memorial Day and Freedom

Today, May 30th is the official date of Memorial Day and it’s a day to thank all those military heroes that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Playing a large role with these … Read More

Featured Blogger at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance


I am a featured blogger in the round-up article at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance about the mistakes make when potty training their dogs. Here’s what I had to say, “According to Rebecca, site creator and writer at Dogs Rule Cats Drool, too often pet owners … Read More

Life with Tasha – Graduation – No Dogs Allowed

Life with Tasha

Wow! Pomp and Circumstance for graduating college students and no dogs allowed. Humans, go figure, they’re just no fun.

It’s the … Read More

Hiking with Your Dog – Knowing the Dangers and Staying Safe

Tasha the dog enjoying a hike

All pet lovers enjoy walking their dog, however, there are certain dangers that one should know and how to keep you and your dog … Read More

Rescue Dogs and Cats Become the State Pets in Colorado

rescue dogs and cats

It’s raining cats and dogs in the state of Colorado! Bringing attention to rescue dogs and cats as viable pets, … Read More

Book Spotlight – The Cat that God Sent by Jim Kraus

The Cat that God Sent

Living in a dog world, most cats can hold their own and outwit their fellow canine. When it comes to blog and … Read More

Mischievous Monday Sour Cream Paw Prints

Sassy the Cat

When you step in sour cream and then run, it leaves white paw prints all over the place. I hid in the corner of mom’s bedroom; … Read More