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Life With Tasha – It Was A Flowerpot

Tasha the Dog

This morning it was a flower pot, but I worked really hard and

chewed it all to pieces. Max the puppy is chewing up everything … Read More

Monday Mischief is a Week Long Event

Monday Mischief

Monday Mischief seems to be a week-long event at my house. If the dogs aren’t destroying my potted plants, then they are chewing … Read More

Tasha and Max – Backyard Mates or Twins

Max the Dog

Max here to set the record straight. Everyone who seez Tasha and I together say “Oh look, twins,” Really? and they say … Read More

Monday Mischief – Partners in Crime – Who Dun it?

The Partners in Crime: Max the dog and

Max the Dog


Tasha the Dog