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Dogs Rule, Get Them Insured

Tasha the dog

I never thought I would need pet insurance, my dogs were healthy, but on a visit to the vet, Tasha was diagnosed with cancerous tumors. There was no time to investigate pet insurance and the money that went out the door was incredible. My New Year’s Resolution is to find and buy pet insurance for my dogs and hopefully, with this article provided by Cindy Romero, it might provide a starting point for finding your own pet health insurance.  

I’m Cindy Romero, an animal admirer and writer for PetPremium. I keep busy trying to keep my dog from catching squirrels in the back yard and keeping my cats off the kitchen counters.

Not every pet will have an expensive illness or injury, but expensive accidents and costly diagnoses happen to beloved family pets every day. Americans love their pets so much, yet few of us have looked into pet insurance which covers veterinary care and pet wellness.

As the costs of taking your pet to the veterinarian begin to rise, our pets may need x-rays, consultations, surgery, medication on top their routine visits. If your pet is injured or needs surgery as Rebecca’s dog Tasha did, the veterinary bill can cost you thousands, not even including the extensive follow care.

Pet insurance reduces the risk associated with catastrophic pet veterinarian costs so you can focus on helping your pet heal rather than worry about paying the bills. Insurance also covers routine care such as vaccines and teeth cleaning, which will again help you avoid costly conditions. Pet insurance helps owners take responsibility for providing for the health needs of your animal.

Rates are impacted by the age you insure your pet, but that isn’t the only thing to look into when comparing insurance companies for your four-legged friend. Coverage for things like ongoing conditions, specialized treatment, and preventative medicine will be offered by some companies and not others. Finding the right policy for you and your pet means doing a little bit of research, but it will pay off!

One of the most surprising statistics from this 2013 infographic (see the full graphic below) is that 64% if U.S. households owned a pet at some point in 2011, and only 5.7% of dog owners and 2.6% of cat owners were insured.

The bottom line is that pet insurance is worth the cost given the risk of injury and rising veterinary prices. You can avoid paying for coverage you won’t use or high monthly premiums by choosing the right plan for your budget and your particular pet. A pet savings account will not be enough for many medical expenses, and getting reimbursed for medical expenses is not as complicated as it may seem.

Pet Insurance Market - Infographic

Pet Insurance Market Infographic by

3 comments to Dogs Rule, Get Them Insured

  • As a veterinarian I can tell you that Pet Insurance is many times the difference between life and death as expense is considered in veterinary medicine. There are many companies that provide insurance so do some research but anything is better than nothing. The cost is well worth it. One major medical problem/ year will pay for the yearly cost of the insurance.

  • We are insured! We cover regular exams and shots on our own and have policies for accidents, illness, and cancer. Even in an average year what we pay out is all or partially paid back for things like an ear infection, analyzing a lump, or medications. Unless you have a lot of money to spend if something big comes along, insurance is the way to go. We contemplated just putting the premium money into savings but we would never save up enough for a big illness. Mom wants to be able to do whatever is necessary to keep us healthy, so we need insurance!

  • Pet insurance is definitely worth it! I love my pets and always want to do whats best for them and pet insurance is definitely good for them.

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