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The Essential Dog-owner Guide: Three Tips for Novices

The Essential Dog Owner Guide

In the UK, there were an estimated 22 million pets living in households nationwide during 2012. Quite staggeringly, cats and dogs accounted for 16 million of this total number, while an estimated one in two British households owned a pet during this period. With the population continuing to grow and a rising number of pets being welcomed into homes throughout the UK, however, there is a pressing need for new owners to understand their responsibility and take steps towards providing a safe and welcoming environment for their new family members.

 This is especially true for dogs who require a great deal of care, attention of love from their owners. Consider the following steps towards delivering this:

 Create a Schedule for Walks and Runs

One of the key requirements of owning a dog is that you are able to take them for regular walks, ideally at least twice a day. This is crucial, as it boosts the dog’s level of physical activity and provides them with a huge amount of mental stimulation. Dogs explore the world with their nose, so it is imperative that they are able to get out of the house regularly and traverse various alternative routes. You must create a schedule and make time for this; otherwise, you will fail your dog and cause them significant physical and psychological damage.


Invest in Accessories that Turn your House into a Home for your Dog

Every dog requires a certain amount of accessories, as these help to turn their new surroundings into a comfortable and enjoyable home. Not only will you need a durable collar and tag from a reputable provider such as Collars and Tags, for example, but you must also invest in a water bowl, a food dish, a bed, a pet blanket and numerous toys for their enjoyment. Depending on the breed that you buy and your precise circumstances, you may also need other accessories to create a practical living space for your dog.


Develop a Healthy Diet

 Not all dogs have been created equal, and each is likely to have their own unique dietary requirements. While there are generic distinctions for small, medium and large dogs, however, there are also additional dietary requirements that are specific to each breed and you must pay careful attention to these when selecting food. King Charles Cavaliers and similar breeds are prone to putting on weight, which means that as an owner you would be better served by investing in healthy and nutritious dog food with a relatively low level of fat.

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