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Potty Train Your Puppy

Potty Training Your Puppy

A Potty Training Puppy Apartment (PTPA) is an innovative and fantastic learning system to handle the housebreaking chore so that both you and your pup will be happy and won’t be stressed out while progressing through the various steps. An added benefit is that your dog will continue to use the PTPA as its indoor doggie bathroom long after potty training.

When small, puppies have to go potty once every one to two hours and within 15 minutes of eating or drinking, so you certainly cannot expect them to not go during the night. What a relief it is for you to not worry about getting up during the night to take them outside to go to the bathroom, especially when it’s very cold or snowing. The pets learn to love their own one bedroom, one bathroom “apartment” and to go potty in the bathroom section throughout the night.

Yorkshire Terriers, Miniature Dachshunds and some other breeds are notorious for being challenging to potty train, and it is indeed a pleasure to see how quickly they, too, learn how to properly use their PTPA.

You are guided through the complete procedure by a free Instructional Training DVD that is easy to understand and gives you confidence with all its useful step by step instructions. Also, customer service is available seven days a week. Have the fun of watching your puppy hop in the PTPA, do its business, and hop out!


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  • I love this idea. It is perfect for pet parents who work, and for all kinds of situations. it makes a much more comfortable and stress free environment. Wish I had heard of this long ago. Thank you for this info!

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