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About Buying German Shepherd Puppies

German shepherd puppiesare undeniably cute. They grow into loving, devoted family members and fierce defenders.

German Shepherd puppies

With proper training, there is little they cannot accomplish. They are utilized by individuals, families, the military, police departments, families and more. A few of the many careers a puppy can look forward to are as a family pet, guide dog, companion dog, police canine, bomb or drug detector. Puppies with perfect confirmation can look forward to careers in the show dog industry and breeding future potential champions.

To select a puppy, talk to the breeder. He or she should be knowledgeable about the breed, confirmation, temperament and the puppy’s parents. The breeder should also be up front about any potential health problems in the puppy’s bloodline. Ask to see a certificate of health and vaccination records. A veterinarian can check the puppy for genetic conditions such as hip dysplasia. A breeder should offer a guarantee that the puppy is healthy and free of heartworms, has been vaccinated and has no genetic conditions.

Be prepared to provide the puppy with proper nutrition, plenty of room for exercise and toys for stimulation. Training should begin when the puppy is brought home. Dog training classes are available from certified individuals, at big box pet stores, books, online sites and DVDs. For inexperienced and first-time dog owners, it is best to learn from a trainer in a class or one-on-one.

Buying a German Shepherd puppy from a breeder such as will reduce or eliminate any potential problems. Purchasing a random puppy from a roadside seller is risky; many of these dogs are questionable breeding, some have forged papers and can have serious health and temperament problems.

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