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Spa Day For Pets

Doggie taking a bath

When you want to treat your pets to a day of luxury, consider taking them to a spa. Most spas are for dogs and cats of all breeds. There are personalized services that pet spas offer. These services will make your pet feel relaxed by the end of the day. A sap bath is one of the first things that your pet will get. This includes a shower of warm water that gently pours onto the animal. Soap is used that will get the pet clean, and there are some shampoos that help to battle fleas and ticks. Many of the shampoos used smell wonderful so that your pet will have a clean scent.

After the bath, your pet is groomed by professional staff member. The grooming can help stimulate the hair follicles so that the hair grows in a healthy manner. It will also help the coat looks healthier and shiny. The hair is cut so that it looks best for the breed of animal. Nails are trimmed so that they aren’t sharp, making it easier to keep the pet inside the home without worrying about the animal clawing furniture or the floor. Ears are cleaned, and excess hair is removed. Learn more about packages and services by looking online.

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