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Dog Breeds with a Short Life Span

Not all dogs have a long life span

I have lived with dogs now for over 10 years and I figured my dogs, Spencer and Tasha died young, both at the age of ten.  I still had so many more years of love to give them and although I feel lucky to have had them for as long as I did, I also feel cheated that they were  with me for such a short time. Is it even normal to feel this way?

Spencer passed after a long battle with cancer and Tasha’s fight was even longer. I was hoping they would have lived to be 13 or 15 or even to age 30 (wishful thinking on my part). I had no idea that all dogs don’t live in excess of ten years of age and when you have a dog that lives longer than those ten years consider yourself blessed.

I have heard that larger dogs have a shorter life span, but I haven’t done any research on that. Regardless of a short or a long life span what counts is how much love we give our dogs while they are still with us.

Here’s an article – Top 10 Dog Breeds with a Short Life Span.  While I normally don’t like to send you off my blog, (I like all the attention for myself) you know that by clicking the back arrow you can always come back to me or I’ll catch up with you in my next blog post.

Wait! don’t go yet! Thanks for being one of my blog readers. Ok, go now, read the article.

**Leave a comment and tell me your dog’s age? If your dog is no longer with you, how old was he/she when they passed?



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