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Calling Max – Watch This Dog Run Video

There is something amazing about calling dogs who love to come running and Max loves to come when called. Not even my children come to my side as fast as Max can get there. In fact, most times if they could my children would have run in the opposite direction. Or the would yell, “What?” without emerging from their room. In fact, they still “What.” Then again, children don’t consider their mother calling them as very important. Thank goodness dogs do, because it’s pleasing to know that someone heard you.

Max has learned a number of commands and among the most improved being the command to come to me. No matter where I am in the yard, if I yell “Max Come” he instantly runs to find me. Most of the time he is right by my side as Tasha used to be, but many times he gets bored with what I’m doing in one spot and he will go investigate something less boring than me. Although, when I call him he comes running to see what I’m doing.

The next part in his training would be to have him be a further distance from me, perhaps down the street or across a field  and answer to the command.

What commands have you taught your dog? Were you successful?

This dog in the video is not Max, but looks like Max.

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