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Max Loves to Run

Max the dog

Max has learned a number of commands and one of those is to run. He loves to run. I clap my hands and give the command, “Run” and he takes off through the yard, running back and forth until he’s out of breath and panting. Max started running when Tasha would charge at him to discourage his behavior. He would run to get away from her. I would encourage him and yell, “Max Run.” Tasha never ran after him, she was too much of an Alpha dog to chase him, but as long as he got off her patio then she accomplished her goal.

Tasha was never a runner, if she chased a ball, she would trot to it and she hurried back with the ball. She had no reason to be in a hurry. Spencer was a runner and he would run all around the yard without encouragement. Spencer used to run with my son when they were both younger. The two of them would run for miles before returning home.

Max has long back legs and can be clumsy when walking. He swings his legs back and forth, like a model walking down a runaway he sways when he walks. He reminds me of a kangaroo with the bigger longer paws and the weight of his body remains in his hind legs, so if he jumps up on me there is no force behind it and he has never knocked me over. There were a few times when Spencer sent me stumbling backwards trying to regain my balance after he jumped up. Max might not look very graceful when walking but when he runs with grace and athleticism. He is a born runner and is very fast.

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