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Gardening with Dogs – Digging Holes

Spencer (2002 – 2012)

There are many times when all of a sudden I will miss Spencer. The other day, digging a hole to plant purple and yellow Lantana, I called out to the spirit of Spencer,

“I sure could use your help with this hole.”

Spencer loved to dig holes and he dug giant holes, bathtub size holes all over the yard. He spent years digging up the yard. If I tried to put plants in to the ground, Spencer dug them out. He dug out trees that were already established.

Once we laid down sod and hoped it would grow. By the next morning, there were small clods of dirt and grass all over the yard. He started digging holes in spring as the temperatures began to get warmer and they were finished by summer.  Spencer would enjoy the coolness of his holes when the heat of the summer day was unbearable.

A few weeks after Spencer passed, I wanted to do a yard makeover and my youngest didn’t want me to touch the yard. She said that if I covered the holes then Spencer wouldn’t exist anymore.  I will dig the holes without Spencer, but he will always be there in my memories and spirit.

Rest in peace Spencer (2002 – 2012)

1 comment to Gardening with Dogs – Digging Holes

  • So sweet but I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been at the time. We just lost our Texas a few days ago, maybe you read my post about him. It is wonderful to remember their antics which will live in our hearts forever

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