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Getting Another Dog

Rest in Peace, Tasha
April, 2004-August 2014

Do you ever wish that you could have one more day with your dog that has passed? And you rationalize that even one hour with your dog would be wonderful and you will never long for them again?

And then since you know that you can’t have either a day or an hour with them, you think you see them everywhere out of the corner of you eye, or the other dog does something and its such a powerful reminder of the dog you lost. And you want to get another dog, but it won’t be the dog you lost.

This new dog will have a different personality and be distinctively different. You wonder if you will have enough room in your heart for another dog. You wonder if your heart can handle losing any more dogs because you know its inevitable.

And you wonder will you ever get another dog that will be as special as your most precious dog ever was. Like love in people is there really only one soul mate for all time? Is that the same way with dogs? That one dog that steals your heart, and means everything to you, your protector, the dog that bonded with you and nothing could break that bond.

And so you wait, you wait for that perfect dog to come along and begin to believe that you might be able to have another soul mate connection. And when you’re ready, the heart will be ready to love another.


1 comment to Getting Another Dog

  • Been down this road more times than I would have liked. At Christmas we lost our long haired 18 year old Dachshund and quickly replaced him in Feb with two long haired rescues, 6 and 9 years old. We will never forget our Texas but these two have won our hearts quickly, especially knowing the love they rightly deserve and are now getting instead of the abuse and neglect they had.

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