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Year Round Protection from Fleas

keep your pets healthy with pet health products

The summer is a great time to go outdoors, enjoy family barbeques, trips to the beach or the lake and evening walks. However, summer can be hazardous to your dog especially if your dog has fleas. There’s nothing worse for a dog than scratching and biting, and being uncomfortable as the temperatures rise.  With the popularity of pet stores and online shopping, there are many over the counter pet health products, especially flea and tick products that can be used at home.

Give Your Dog a Bath

A bath is not pleasant for many dogs, however, it’s not only a great way to get rid of fleas, it keeps them cool for hours afterwards. Their skin feels clean, they aren’t scratching and they can rest comfortably in the shade of a tree. Start with a bath shampoo that says Flea Shampoo for dogs.  Be sure to follow the directions on the product to keep your dog safe. After, the bath, a flea comb offers an effective way of removing fleas and their eggs from your dog’s fur.

Spray your Dogs

While it isn’t recommended to bathe your dog daily or weekly, a flea spray can be used for the in-between times. Spray your dog and brush it into the dog’s coat. Use the flea spray on your pets bedding and around the yard.  Fleas don’t only attach to dogs. Fleas can embed themselves in furniture and bite people.

Flea collars, tablets and liquid products

Year round flea protection comes in collars, tablets or liquid products that are applied at the base of the neck. Since there isn’t one product that fits everyone, the best thing to do is try different items until you become comfortable with your favorite brand.

It’s simple and easy to keep your dog protected year round from fleas. Take the time to pamper your pooch with a variety of pet health products and you and your pet will be enjoying the great outdoors.

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