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Max and the Big Screen TV

Maytag Commercial on the television

Max used to watch television with us and sit quietly at our feet. Once in a while he would bark at the screen if a dog appeared or barked in the show that we were watching.

Enter the large 60″ screen and now Max barks at everything on the screen, people and animals and the noise that comes from it. He isn’t too bothered by women being on the screen or talking, but depending on the men and their voices he will bark and growl at them.

We put him outside and leave the door open slightly so he can feel that he is with us. Max barks at all noises from the television, the stereo playing loud or watching videos on the computer. He likes his quiet in the house and the yard.

Max’s favorite time of day is the middle of the afternoon when all is quiet, the house, the street, and fewer sirens from the ambulances going to the hospital, which happens to be a 1/2 mile from the house.

Having a big screen television is great for viewing, but it’s noisy and I wonder how long before Max will get used to it?

Does your dog react to the television, music, or loud noises?


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