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Preparing Your Dog for a Dog Show

Dog Show Results

Dog shows are a fun activity for both you and your canine friend. It is also a great bonding experience and a chance to meet other dogs and dog-lovers. One of the nice things about such activities is that these come in different types where you can start from a lower level such as Companion Shows, Matches and Open Shows, and make your way up to the more elite breed shows such as Limited Shows, Premier Open Shows and Champion Shows.

There are some ways you can do to help your furry friend have that winning edge to become the star of the show, and more importantly, to ensure that the experience will be fun and worthwhile for both of you and dog.


Basic Training Will Go a Long Way

Your dog does not need to be extensive training to succeed in a show, but he should at least know the basics and be able to walk nicely on a slack lead without the need of dragging you or it. For just a few pounds, some kennel clubs provide weekly trainings under experienced professional dog handlers.


Practice, Practice, Practice

One of the most important things to practice is lead walking. But first, you need to have the right lead as soon as possible so that your dog will get used to it. Also, do your practice in as many different settings as possible so that when he is exposed to a lot of other dogs and people during the show, he will not become fidgety and start running after the others.


What the Judges Look for in a Dog

Judging may sometimes be easy for certain classes such as the “Scruffiest Dog” or “Waggiest Tail,” most of the time, a huge part of their judging is purely subjective. Nonetheless, aside from making sure that your dog is well-behaved, walks nicely and is attractive, it is important that our dog has that sparkle in him which shows that he is indeed having fun.

Image is everything

Unless you are after the “Scruffiest Dog” award, it is important that your dog is well groomed, clean and fresh looking as well as fit and healthy. Although excessive grooming is not recommended for several breeds, make sure that you give your dog a good bath the day before the show, and spot clean areas that need to be maintained such as the face, legs and undercarriage as well as their teeth.

Relax and have a Great Time

Don’t spoil your dog’s good performance by being anxious and nervous. The dog may be able to feel it in your hand that’s holding the lead, and this may cause him to lose his composure. It’s pretty normal to feel a little nervous, especially for first-timers, but try to take deep breaths and calm your nerves, relax and enjoy.