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Pet Care Facts – Keeping Fido Healthy and Happy

Pet Care Facts to keep your Dog Healthy and Happy

You think of Fido as a member of your family and want his life to be long, happy and healthy. Depending on the breed, most dogs live 5 – 15 years. However, keeping Fido healthy should become an important part of your daily routine. The following pet care facts can make Fido live longer, be happier and stay healthy.

Annual vet visits – there is nothing better for a dog than a checkup. Your dog might not like the trip to the vet and it can be expensive, but vets are trained to see what the pet owner might overlook. Because we see our pets daily, we might not notice the things that start to go wrong.

Daily Walks – pets feel stress just as much as we do so get them out on the leash and walk. All it takes is one step and then another and another and before you know it the both of you will be walking many miles each week. Exercise provides so many more benefits long after you stop walking.

Bathing Your Pet – whether you find a good groomer or do it yourself this is one way to ensure that your pet’s coat stays healthy. Bathing gets rid of dirt that accumulates in the dog’s fur. A dirty dog leaves him vulnerable to scratching, hot spots and attracting fly’s and flees. A bath will make Fido feel refreshed and happier.

Healthy Eating – Fido should only eat a certain amount of food and snacks. A healthy diet should not include people feed. It’s especially important to resist those sad puppy dog eyes when Fido begs for food.

Knowing your pet care facts is an important way to keep Fido healthy and happy.

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