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About Rebecca the Author


Who is Rebecca?

Rebecca Camarena is a freelance PR and article writer and editor. She is an obsessive article writer and blogger…having been published in the pet and wedding industry… interviewed over 700 authors at her blogs…published  2000+ posts on her own blogs…blogged her pets way to fame….and fortune?….we’ll she’s still working on that one.

She has 20+years working in Corporate America in IT, Healthcare, Education, fashion and sales. A degree in English Literature has brought her writing skills full circle.

A typical day in Rebecca’s life includes long walks with her dog Max and chasing Sassy the cat off her desk. Focusing on her writing, she hopes to be a published author. She enjoys working behind the scenes on most things and sneaking some writing, family time and reading.

Contact Rebecca by email at rebecca(dot)camarena(@)yahoo(dot)com

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Blog Disclaimer

When I started blogging in 2007, I had no idea how much I would grow as a person and a writer and how many relationships I would make on the internet. I am grateful for all of them.

I am a writer, not a vet or trainer or animal behavorist. I am writing to explore topics and may not always get it right, thus the essence of writing is re-writing.

I am not an animal rights activist or a PETA member. I do not wish to see animals disappear from the natural world. I am advocate for the welfare of animals, for the animals to live in the human world.

I remain neutral on pet adoptions as well as buying from a breeder as my dogs have come from both industries.

I do not believe that work for animals, ex: carriage horses, working dogs, is exploitative, cruel or abusive. I believe that humans and animals seek the same companionship and social interaction necessary to keep both species viable and existing side by side on earth. Without animals, humans will cease to exist.

I don’t love all animals, and I don’t love them equally. They are all different and have different qualities.

I enjoy disagreement and opinions. Everyone has their own views, but please don’t impress your views on me or my readers. I will not tolerate flaming or rude comments. This blog is a safe zone.

Unwanted advice is poison on the internet, please don’t give me any, I don’t need it.

It is so important to differentiate between people and animals, they are not the same thing.

In America, there are people who speak for animals. I speak for both animals and people.

I don’t believe in struggle stories, everyone has struggles. I cherish everyday of my life.

I believe in a world with animals. I live in the real word where no animal lives in a no-kill world. I will not prolong the life of any of my pets if it takes away their freedoms, their agility and ability to be a dog or cat.

I love animals, they are my pets and my companions, however they are not my fur-babies. They are not my children and I will not be treat them as children. My children are my children.

Animals need to be understood for what they are, not for what we project them to be.

I will not post pictures of abused animals, and will not endorse or ask my readers to donate to the ASPCA, PETA or other large organizations that ask for YOUR donation to save these pets. These organizations have their own marketing departments and don’t need me.

I welcome email, nice comments, follows and tweets to this blog. I look forward to sharing pet news with my readers.

















10 comments to About Rebecca the Author

  • I love your format too — straight from the dog’s mouth (or cat’s mouth) perspective. I will add you to my blogroll.

  • Hey Rebecca –

    Very creative site you have here! Great job, and keep up the great writing!

    Sandi Hansen
    Sandi’s K9 Management

  • Hey!
    Nice blog. The narrative with the animals in the lead is a very good idea, very different from having a mundane human voice. I also this it gives the reader the freedom to imagine the desired voice that suits for the animals.

    Oh! Btw: I love cats and dogs equally, ehem… especially when they’re on another dimension or at a distance from me. I don’t mind fishes, I have my own aquarium at home, 2 infact! but them too, I don’t like getting touchy touchy and all…

    Nice work, Keep it going. One more thing, purple is my favorite colour 😉

  • Hi Rebecca –
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  • Pls contact me on virtual book tours…we may have an author that interests you

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  • Just wanted to say that mom and I love the design of your blog! Really cute! Looks like you are a writer. Mom and I are working on my book right now. We have 3 in mind and are just starting putting the first one together.

  • Your blog is an interesting one. I love your journalism and writing passion.You are your own accountant and It expert!

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