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About Rebecca the Author

Rebecca Camarena is founder, writer and editor at Rebecca’s Writing Services – A Full Service agency for ALL your writing, Public Relations writing, ghost-writing, blogging and editing needs.  Her published articles include  Wedding, Pets, Travel and more.  Book Edits include women’s fiction, autobiography and mystery. She promoted authors through Online Virtual Book Tours with Pump Up Your Book – a public relations agency promoting authors and their books with virtual book tours.

Rebecca has a degree in English Literature, a minor in Journalism, and twenty-six years experience in the business world including positions in IT, Finance, Medical, Non-Profit Education and Customer Service.  One of the highlights of her journalism writing experience was the wonderful people she interviewed among those Sam Yorty former Mayor of Los Angeles and Composer, Violin Soloist, Conductor Elisabeth Waldo. She is a book reviewer and blogger. She lives with her husband, three children, two dogs and cat.

Contact Rebecca by email at rebecca(dot)camarena(@)yahoo(dot)com

Visit Rebecca’s Writing Services - For all your writing, blogging and editing needs.

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I have written wedding articles that are not live on the wedding compass site. Please contact me to read more.

Pet Articles

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Marshall Editions - My Dog is a Hero Book (children’s reference book) Chapter contribution

Please contact me for chapter pdf


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Contact me for all your writing needs. Whether it’s a newsletter, article, emails, books, e-books, Send an email to rebecca(dot)camarena(@)yahoo(dot)com.

10 comments to About Rebecca the Author

  • I love your format too — straight from the dog’s mouth (or cat’s mouth) perspective. I will add you to my blogroll.

  • Hey Rebecca -

    Very creative site you have here! Great job, and keep up the great writing!

    Sandi Hansen
    Sandi’s K9 Management

  • Hey!
    Nice blog. The narrative with the animals in the lead is a very good idea, very different from having a mundane human voice. I also this it gives the reader the freedom to imagine the desired voice that suits for the animals.

    Oh! Btw: I love cats and dogs equally, ehem… especially when they’re on another dimension or at a distance from me. I don’t mind fishes, I have my own aquarium at home, 2 infact! but them too, I don’t like getting touchy touchy and all…

    Nice work, Keep it going. One more thing, purple is my favorite colour ;)

  • Hi Rebecca -
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  • Pls contact me on virtual book tours…we may have an author that interests you

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  • Just wanted to say that mom and I love the design of your blog! Really cute! Looks like you are a writer. Mom and I are working on my book right now. We have 3 in mind and are just starting putting the first one together.

  • Your blog is an interesting one. I love your journalism and writing passion.You are your own accountant and It expert!

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